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Mental disorders: Persistently rising incidence of mental illness

Health 21-08-2018 5003

Mental disorders: Persistently rising incidence...

Although only 10% of Indians are suffering from depression, generalized anxiety is found out to cover almost around 25% of them. The frustrated colleague, irritated spouse, parents or parents-in-law obsessed with cleanliness, people driving speedily on roads, cases of road rage, increasing number of rapes, and many other and rather very general issues that normally don't catch our attention easily, are the main reasons for increasing mental illness in India.

If we start to talk about the external factors that affect Indians, social and cultural rules of India can be categorized as the major contributors to the increasing rate of anxiety disorders in India. Research shows that one out of four Indians are stalked by anxiety. This mental illness thrives on eating up the peace and tranquility of many in this country.

Psychiatrists have been found saying that if compared to rural areas, it is the urban sector that comparatively has larger number of people having diagnosable form of depression, anxiety or other kind of mental illness. A very social fact that supports this hypothesis is the number of people in urban areas that are found taking respite from their illness by resorting to following gurus and spiritual leaders. Indians are seen rushing to gyms, bars, meditation gurus, spa centers, Ayurveda healing centers, and what not to find the solution to their anxieties.

When general anxieties stay for long, they are found to cause clinical depression in people. The cases of clinical anxieties and depression are persistently increasing in India. Cut throat competition, overcrowded cities, drive for money, and many other factors contribute to it. Incidence of mental illness in senior citizens is also found to be magnified at an alarming rate. When all the members in the family are running in the rat race, old people are badly neglected. Studies show that it has also led to a fall in the life expectancy of senior citizens.

Moreover, if we come down to kids, a larger number of kids are found out suffering from clinical or non-clinical depression. The kids in India are hyper-sensitive. The care free attitude that kids once used to have is lost in the dark. The competitive environment and the burden of studies and co-curricular activities is making the kids go insane. The anxiety and depression of parents also flows down to kids in one way or the other.

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All in all, the face of India is overall becoming dull over the period of time. Its high time to take corrective measures and make the situation better.

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