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Vitamin D deficiency: A parasitic disease thriving on ignorance

Health 23-08-2018 5496

Vitamin D deficiency: A parasitic disease...

Vitamin D is also classified as “the Sun Vitamin” in medical vocabulary. It is a steroid based vitamin that performs hormone like activities in our body. It is responsible for regulating the functions of more than 200 genes in humans and is pertinent for human growth and development.

This "sunshine vitamin" is more than just one vitamin. It is rather a family of nutrients with a similar chemical structure. The most easily found members of this family are vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Availability of Vitamin D in our body depends upon the amount that our body is able to produce in the skin through absorption of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Vitamin D can also be taken orally through certain food items and diet supplements. However, as Vitamin D is only present in small traces in food products, as much as 90% of vitamin D is produced by our body on its own through exposure to sunlight. The little that we can get from natural diet is from egg yolk, fatty fish, fortified dairy products and beef liver.

The lifestyle of today has put many of us at the risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Massive use of air conditioners has made us sun deficient. Hence, our body lags behind in producing Vitamin D. People who are allergic to milk and milk products also have more chances of developing Vitamin D3 deficiency. As per research conclusions, stress of today's lifestyle also contributes in making people D3 deficient. Stress obstructs our body to absorb the sunlight properly and further hinders the process our skin undergoes to produce this vital nutrient.

Vitamin D deficiency has been neglected for long now. People are ignorant about the fact that many medical problems that are left undiagnosed can be caused due to Vitamin D deficiency. Lethargy, feeling of being over-stressed on small issues, dizziness, and weird sensations in body, vertigo, tiredness, fatigue, and many other conditions can be a result of this deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin D doesn't let our body to absorb calcium and certain other vital nutrients totally. As a result, it can also lower down our bone density and can cause other malnutrition problems too. We keep on getting our blood tested for other scary diseases. Ignorance about Vitamin D deficiency on the part of doctors as well as patients is leading to many medical conditions being left undiagnosed.

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People are suffering due to wrong diagnosis. It's high time to create awareness about this parasitic disease that is thriving on our ignorance.

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