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Robotic Process Automation gradually grabbing the IT industry

Technology 21-08-2018 5344

Robotic Process Automation gradually grabbing...

As far as technological advancement is concerned, it is one field that is advancing with every passing second and that too at an exponential rate. One such quiet revolution that is spreading its wings at a fast pace but rather silently is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). IT industry is expected to be totally grabbed by RPA in the coming future.

RPA can be comprehensively defined as a software technology that makes us able to create rules and logics to effectively and more efficiently mimic a user's action on a computer thereby interacting with different software systems at the GUI (graphical user interface) or presentation layer, the same level as a “human” user of the system.

The benefits offered by RPA makes it have a far reaching scope in the field of IT automation.

  • There are many scenarios wherein the data entered by us in one system needs to be reentered in some other system. RPA makes sure that these types of dual human efforts are eradicated. IT indexes the invoices in the workflow and then they are manually reentered in ERP.
  • If the input received from various systems such as web pages for customer orders, workflow for invoices, emails, or Excel files is clean and the rules are well laid out, that data entry can be done through RPA. In that case, inputs will not have to be entered into ERP.
  • RPA is anticipated to provide lightweight integration that will connect essentially different systems at the user interface level. In a way RPA can help us create ways through which varied systems like ERP, Workflow systems, or Standalone systems could be integrated with each other in a way that it would actually feel like as if they are communicating internally.
  • Currently, employees have to log into the system to extract and format the data requested by their clients. Even if multiple process owners or for that matter if the vendors request for data or reports, it has to be manually extracted and formatted to be sent for the end use. RPA promises to automate such orderly tasks that are strictly rule based.

There are many decisions that are to be based on orderly and rule based facts and figures. The basis of such decisions is laid out in a clear manner. RPA can lend itself to such decision-based assignments.

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Although RPA promises to come with various automation benefits that would require less human effort than before. It, in a way comes with one bad news. It would eat up the jobs of many in the IT industry. However, RPA is definitely happening for the advancement of technology.

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