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Great Pacific Garbage Patched DOUBLED!!

World News 23-03-2018 6748

Great Pacific Garbage Patched DOUBLED!!

Its ages now that we are treating our rivers, Sea and oceans like a dumping place and now it is showing the impact too.  The floating Island of all these trashed / Dumbed garbage which has been named as Great Pacific Garbage Patch has now stretched its radius and the total covered area is of 600000 square miles, as per the study published by the scientific reports.

It is double the size of Texas and is growing every day.

Environment specialists have expressed a deep concern on this in 2016, the time they found it for the first time. A team of researchers from the Oceancleanup foundation surveyed the vortex of the Trash piling up between california and Hawaii, Spotting all the chunks of Plastic mixed and stick togerther measuring more than a yard.

Time bomb is tickling as this big stuff will crumble down to Micro plastics in the coming few decades, if we'll not take action now. 

The size of the trash pile has nearly doubled in size since then, containing at least 79,000 tons of plastic -- "a figure four to sixteen times higher than previously reported," Scientific Reports said.

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