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One More Death - Air Travel can be Risky for PETS

World News 14-03-2018 4761

One More Death - Air Travel can be Risky for PETS

Most of the airlines does not care about the safety of their furry travelers in their flight. Air Travel can be risky for pets and it is more dangerous for brachycephalic* breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs whose short nasal passage makes them vulnerable to Oxygen deprivation and heat stroke. 

In a Recent incident in Houston, a dog died on flight in United Airlines after the flight attendant asked its owner to put him in the planes overhead bin.

Though the Airline has took the full responsibility for the incident but the loss is unbearable for the owner and the family. United Airlines called it a tragic accident that should never have occurred and the pets should never be placed in the planes overhead bin. 

Kokito the dog (Pug breed) was in a small pet carrier designed to fit under the Seat. The owners tried to fit the  carrier under the seat as it was meant to be fit there, the flight attendant came and told them to put him where the baggage goes and then she put him there and closed it.

Passengers of the flight later reported that they have heard the dog barking and crying during the flight, unknowingly that he is fighting for life and died when the plane landed at the Airport. There was a lot of turbulence so no one could get up to check. 

Because the family was not allowed to put the carreir under the seat, This little guy fought hard for his life,  filling the flight with his cries and bark until he ran out of breath and died.  

The Family has paid alomst $125 for the tickets of the pet to reach the destination safely not to murder him in front of them. The cause of the dog's death was not immediately known. The spokesman said Chicago-based United offered to pay for a necropsy.

*Brachycephaly (from Greek roots meaning "short" and "head") is the shape of a skull shorter than typical for its species. It is perceived as a desirable trait in some domesticated dog and cat breeds, such as pugs, and can be normal or abnormal in other animal species.

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